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  • Cleaning efficiency achieved in over a 50% less time.
  • Require less manpower.
  • Durable and compact design.
  • Trolley mounted for easy travel.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to operate.


Boiler Heat Exchanger Evaporator Tube Cleaning
Surface preparation Underwater Cleaning Paint Removal
Marine Growth Removal Shipping Offshore
Deck Cleaning Ship Hull Cleaning Equipment
Floor Vehicle and general Purpose Cleaning Tank & Vessel Cleaning
Reatcot Cleaning Run way Cleaning Fire Fighting
Blade Cleaning etc Harden Bauxite Dust Cleaning Dumper
Crane Cleaning Black Liquor Wood Pulp Cleaning
Highway Maintenance Concrete Restoration Concrete Cutting
Cleaning of Components Castings and Deburings Gold Casting Processs
Humudification Algae Cleaning Sewer Cleaning
Transfer Dosing Dairies